Hrithik Roshan employs Bihari coach to learn lingo, loses muscles to play Anand Kumar in Super 30

When it comes to method acting, Hrithik Roshan has always been a tough preparer. Now for his role as the maths wizard Anand Kumar in Vikas Behl’s Super 30 Hrithik’s physical and emotional preparation is incomparably meticulous.

To begin with, Hrithik Roshan has employed a language coach from Bihar to help him speak the way he heard Anand Kumar speak. Says a source, “Hrithik spends a minimum of two hours with his language coach from Bihar, and now speaks in exactly the same tone as Anand Kumar. In fact Hrithik telephones Anand Kumar to try out his Bihari accent on him.”

Not only that, Hrithik Roshan is also losing all his muscles for the role. Says a source, “During one of their meetings, Hrithik asked Anand whether he goes to the gym. When Anand replied in the negative Hrithik declared he cannot have a gym-toned body to play Anand Kumar. Hrithik has been shedding all his muscles to look more convincing as a humble mathematician from Bihar.”

A source from the Super 30 team describes Hrithik’s preparation as “complete and flawless”. The last time Hrithik prepared himself so thoroughly was when he played the paraplegic in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish.

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